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About Clean Sea Co.

It is a company developed to improve recicling management. We are committed to environmentally responsible operations and to a cleaner and safer environment, regularly reviewing our performance and seeking opportunities for improvement. We seek to minimize the risk of potential incidents. We are able to meet the needs of your company and we are sure that we will perform much more than a business relationship, but a successful partnership.

Our Services

We provide many differents types of services, but the most asked services use to be as shown below. We also provide others services, feel free to contact us to have more information if you need other services.

Sludge Removal

We collect waste of used lube oil (sludge and bilge water) also slop and rest of wash an cleaning of tanks.

Off Spec Oil Removal

Wiht the new IMO 2020 rules, many customers has been asked us to collect off spec fuel oil for ECA Zone (low level sulfure zone), and our specialized staff is ready work in this type of operation.

Garbage Removal

We also provide garbage removal service FREE of charge when included the sludge removal.


Tank Cleaning

Our professional team also provide tanks cleaning service following the international maritime standars

List of Ports We Provide Services

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